Amelia Cressey

Amelia Cressey is currently studying Psychology and Criminology at the University of Sydney. Amelia aims to pursue a Masters of Clinical Psychology, with the intention of making a positive impact on the lives of all those experiencing mental health challenges. In her role at Awarehub, Amelia works with clinicians and clients to assist with all general administrative support, bookings, invoicing, and any personal enquiries. Amelia is kind, approachable and someone who displays brilliant listening and learning skills.


Outside of Amelia’s passion for Psychology, she has a keen interest in both exercise and nutrition, and believes in a holistic approach to mental health. She recognises the importance of a balanced lifestyle, including spending quality time with friends and family and optimising sleep and healthy eating practices to be the best version of oneself. 


Amelia is a caring and considerate person and a valuable member of the Awarehub team.

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