what is corporate mental health wellness?

At Awarehub, we understand how important it is to manage and maintain good mental health in the workplace. We know that a happy and healthy employee improves team productivity, staff retention rates and staff loyalty. 

Our interesting and engaging corporate wellness packages and workshops offer expert mental health education, practical tools and strategies to improve mental health in the workplace. 

The corporate wellness retreats include leisure activities and relaxing experiences. They provide a wonderful opportunity to build a strong team, practice mindfulness, and learn more about managing mental health in the workplace. 

Our Services

We offer two company off-site packages that provide a unique and holistic approach to corporate wellness. Both packages include catering for all attendees.

Package 1 – De-stress and Team Building (4 Hours) 

De-stress and Team Building incorporates a range of relaxing and enjoyable activities that will provide expert advice and teach effective techniques to help you understand and successfully manage your own mental health and wellbeing.

The four-hour package includes yoga, mindfulness and meditation, an art activity and a presentation by a psychiatrist or psychologist.

You will gain professional advice on how to identify stress and its symptoms, distinguish toxic stress from healthy stress, and learn simple ways to mitigate and cope with stress using mindfulness.

You will engage in an art activity designed to facilitate team building, improve communication, demonstrate vulnerability and strengthen the relationship between employees. Your corporate wellness day will be an informative, fun and relaxing way to improve your teams’ productivity, motivation, communication and creativity.

What is included?

  • Yoga class – relax and unwind, calm the stressed mind
  • Presentations – de-stress, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness
  • Art activity – team building and communication
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Catering

Package 2 – Upskill and Team Strengthening (4 hours)

Upskill and Team Strengthening promotes preventative wellness and team building in the workplace.

Two key-note presentations inform you of the rise in ADHD, inattention, anxiety and depression in the workplace and the importance of scheduling and planning; and practicing regular mindfulness and self-care, to cope and build resilience. You will be enlightened about the benefits of good mental health and learn effective strategies to overcome your challenges at home and in the workplace.

This package also focuses on how good communication can improve the workplace environment. You will be guided through the skills of active listening, reflecting, reframing and assertiveness.

What is included?

  • Presentation – The rise of ADHD, inattention and the importance of scheduling, planning and how to enhance executive functioning in the digital age 
  • Communication activity – active listening, reflecting and reframing and assertiveness unpacked
  • Wellbeing – mindfulness activity to improve focus and concentration 
  • Presentation – Why plans fail, coping and resilience building 
  • Wellbeing – Yoga to reduce anxiety, calm the busy mind
  • Catering

Why choose AwareHub corporate wellness services?

The perfect day out of the office

  • Intimate
  • Personal
  • Experts in mental health
  • Range of services
  • Beautiful spaces
  • Flexible options available – virtual and online, or we can come to you!

AwareHub corporate wellness will boost staff morale and motivation!

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