Exercise physiology

Exercise and mental health

Exercise is a fundamental aspect to achieving and maintaining good mental health. It is a powerful tool to relieve stress, which is something we all feel in today’s busy times, independent of our age, gender, occupation or life circumstances.

Physical exercise releases our feel-good hormones, known as endorphins, enhancing our mood and sense of achievement. As mental health professionals, we know the value of exercise and encourage you to visit our boutique gym and discuss your goals with our friendly and encouraging Exercise Physiologist. 

Our Services

  • Personal training
  • Corporate health and wellness
  • Resilience building and strength coaching
  • Injury management and rehabilitation
  • Improved core strength, muscle tone and flexibility
  • Improved mobility and agility
  • Weight management
  • After-school exercise (individual or small groups)

Benefits of Exercise

  • Strengthen muscles and bones
  • Develop endurance and physical fitness
  • Positive mood effect
  • Improve blood pressure control
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve management of chronic conditions
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Weight management

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