Lori Bernstein

Lori is an AHPRA certified Occupational therapist who is trained and mentored in DIR/Floortime and has a great understanding of Individuals sensory profiles.

She provides occupational therapy aiming at supporting clients to achieve their goals (often this is written out in their NDIS plans). Lori develops individualised treatment plans, assisting with developing a supportive environment, working to providing skills to client’s family members of how best to best support the client. As the client grows, she alters their goals to adapt to their new needs, this may include organisational goals, boosting their self-care, fine or gross motor skills and then shifting towards increased social participation, budgeting and employment/ vocational goals.

She completes assessments including

  • Functional assessments
  • ADL’s assessments
  • Sensory profile review
  • NDIS reports (goal review, end of year review)

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