Romy Kunitz

Clinical and Developmental Psychologist (cum laude) Clinical Social Worker, and Executive Coach

Romy Kunitz is a highly skilled professional in the field of psychology and brings an exceptional blend of expertise to her practice. Romy has enjoyed working in many health and corporate sectors and has also been making a remarkable impact in her 23 years of private practice.

With a passion for helping individuals across various stages of life, Romy’s focus extends from adolescents to adults, and she also specializes in working with couples. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of concerns, including work stress, adjustment issues, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, chronic illness, peri and postnatal natal difficulties, trauma, complex trauma, LGBTQ+ gender related challenges and more.

Romy’s dedication to her profession is evident through her extensive experience in working with military veterans and their families. Additionally, she has worked extensively with men’s health, eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Drawing from her vast knowledge and training, Romy utilizes a comprehensive range of therapeutic approaches uniquely tailored to provide the best care for her clients.

Among Romy’s exceptional skills lies her ability to empower couples. With a wealth of experience in marital and couple therapy, she embraces an eclectic approach, recognizing that each individual and relationship is unique.  If you and your partner are considering taking the first step towards betterment, Romy is there to guide. Couples therapy should not be viewed as a “fixing agent” for a relationship but rather as a means to enhance communication, intimacy, and invest in each others emotional bank account.

Please note that Romy is unable to provide reports for court, academic exemption, or insurance purposes.

“Through the transformative embrace of therapy, we find solace in our vulnerability and courage in our capacity for change.” – Carl Rogers

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