WHEN THE LIGHT GOES OUT By Dr Lisa Myers (Signed Copy)

A guide to understanding and normalising mental health and the tools for overcoming adversity in everyday life.

As the expert in mental health, psychiatrist Dr Lisa Myers has always been expected to have all the answers to help her traumatised clients. However, her professional knowledge and tools did not fully prepare her for her own mental health challenges when her life was upended by an act of unimaginable violence, which plunged her into a spiral of grief and trauma-management.

In this deeply intimate narrative, Lisa takes us on an illuminating journey through her own life-changing loss. She reflects on her upbringing, relationships and roles which shaped her ability to cope and come to terms with her tragedy.

This courageous memoir reveals how emotional and psychological suffering show up for everyone in different ways and encourages us to seek help when the light goes out. As an impassioned advocate for mental health, Lisa neutralises the shame and stigma by sharing her personal and professional insights for moving through trauma.



Lisa’s book and work is just so important. I hope anyone struggling in silence has access to these life changing tools. Jessica Sepel – Founder of JSHealth Highly recommended for both clinicians and individuals affected by trauma! Dr John Lam-Po-Tang – Psychiatrist I thank Lisa for changing the narrative where mental health professionals are judged negatively when our lives are not perfect. Renee Mill – Clinical Psychologist and bestselling author, Anxiety Free, Drug Free Lisa’s  sincere and vulnerable story is unapologetically honest and beautiful. Just beautiful.  D’Leanne Lewis – Principal Laing + Simmons Double Bay Captivating, compelling, skillfully merging personal and expert insight into trauma and grief. Tamar D.Black – PhD, Educational and Developmental Psychologist and author, ACT for Treating Children Gosh, at times I could barely breathe, at times I chuckled out loud and I cried and cried. A beautiful piece of work!  Dr Wendy Duncan – Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist


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